The works of Eline Jeurissen are a wonderful and extravagant blend of the color and feeling of the European impressionists.

An Amsterdam-based photo artist, Eline’s Indonesian heritage flavors her work with rich undertones reflective of Asian sensibilities. 

These pieces are endlessly intriguing. Their true subtlety and complexities emerge over time and with each returning visit. They achieve their richest, fullest expression when brought to large scale. Collections of Eline’s work can create a virtual bouquet, a suite of images wherein the full scope of her artistic vision becomes apparent.
When viewed “in concert” it is almost as though you are experiencing a visual symphony - an intimate and elegant conversation - among and between the pieces, and the viewers themselves.

Eline practices in the tradition of the Dutch Masters using analog photography, natural, ambient light unaided by computer graphics. The strong balance between object and background is a striking characteristic of her photographic eyecatchers.

From the visitors’ book of an Amsterdam gallery:

"In one word: monumental!"
"Eline captures the endless beauty of frailty."
"The master's eye recreates the natural into something supernatural."

This exclusive art can create a distinctive home décor or a well-appointed home gallery; a welcoming environment in your reception area, boardroom or throughout your office space.